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User-generated Content – Image Sharing Hub with WordPress

Are you looking for a complete blueprint how you can set up an image sharing hub with 100 % user-generated content? All powered by WordPress, the most popular open-source web site creation software today, plus free code you can download? Then look you no further.

In almost excruciating detail this book shows you how you can set up a web site that allows your users to upload images. All user-generated content is then presented and ready to be shared with the world in a visually appealing gallery design.

Looking for examples of use? Just search the web for “pet shaming” and you find sites allowing pet owners to upload images of their pets. This book shows you exactly how to build such a site.

About This Book

  • A step-by-step guide on how to set up an image sharing hub, where users can freely upload images. The software used is WordPress, the most popular open-source web content management system (or CMS) in the world today.
  • The book comes with a complete design (in WordPress speak: “theme”) and code for social sharing that you can download from the book’s supporting web site.
  • Advice on what additional code (in WordPress they’re called “plugins”) to install to make your site faster, safer and easier to find by search engines.
  • Tips on how you can market your site’s content and perhaps making it go viral.
  • Quick tips how you can make money with your image-sharing hub.
  • The author is open for feedback, so you can make this book better by contributing to it!

Who Is This Book For?

First, only basic knowledge of WordPress, the most popular open-source software for creating modern websites these days, is necessary.

You’re not looking for any dry theory or a WordPress general beginner’s book, but a practical step-by-step guide with loads of screenshots.

Three types of individuals could find this book very useful:

  • Company Managers responsible for social media or online marketing, looking for a blueprint how to set up a user-generated content site.
  • Web community leaders of things that are visually appealing. Perhaps you’re looking for a way that your fellow community members can upload images of their creations (for example, in the knitting or crocheting world) and share them with everyone.
  • You’re a web entrepreneur or expert for all things viral, so you already have a concept in mind for image-centric user-generated content. All you need is a complete solution based on WordPress.

What Will You Learn?

  • Step-by-step you create a complete image-sharing hub with WordPress and free downloadable code, where users can upload images and share them on all popular social media.
  • You learn how to moderate image submissions and protect your site from spam.
  • You implement social sharing and social follow buttons and learn what they do, plus you incorporate feeds from your social pages into your site.
  • You install essential WordPress plugins that make your site safer and faster and improve its visibility in Google search results (SEO).
  • Users can subscribe to new content. You will implement a free and easy way to achieve that.
  • You will do an absolute minimum of WordPress “housekeeping” and also install a backup plugin.
  • You’ll find useful tips on marketing your content, making it go viral, plus – if that is your aim – how to make money from your user-generated content site.
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Free Multilingual E-commerce with WordPress, WooCommerce & Polylang

Do you want to set up an E-commerce site with WooCommerce and WordPress in multiple languages without getting migraines? Well, look no further! This book will show you the complete process step by step, with nothing but freely available open source WordPress plugins.

About This Book

  • A step-by-step guide on how to set up a multilingual online store with WooCommerce, the most popular E-commerce solution for WordPress, and the free WordPress plugin Polylang.
  • With open source code that you can apply directly to your WordPress website. The code snippets are also available for download from a supporting website.
  • With a comprehensive index
  • The author is open for feedback, so you can make this book better by contributing to it!

Who Is This Book For?

You already know the basics of WooCommerce (and, naturally, WordPress), and now you want to create a multilingual store, thus you wonder how to achieve that with free WordPress plugins. You’re not looking for any dry theory or a WooCommerce general beginner’s guide, but a practical step-by-step guide.

What Will You Learn?

  • Create a Child Theme and the theme functions.php file, so you can add all the code needed to make multilingual work.
  • A quick look at how to install WooCommerce and create a product that’s ready for translation.
  • Install and configure Polylang, a free WordPress that turns your WordPress site and your WooCommerce store multilingual.
  • Fix all multilingual issues by adding custom code to your theme’s functions.php file.
  • How to edit WooCommerce language files directly.
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To Authors – Publish With Us

Are you passionate about tech and love to write about it?

We’re looking for authors who like to publish their Ebooks through us. Read on to understand what we’re about.

How we approach publishing

Providing affordable solutions to practical problems in Ebook form with tons of screenshots and detailed instructions to follow along is our strength.

High quality content is what we’re aming at. Every part of the book, from cover design, layout, content, and proofreading and editing is done with great attention to detail.

We publish directly with all major Ebook retailers, including Amazon and Apple iBooks. For all other retailers we retain the services of Smashwords.

What we offer our authors

First: you keep all the money you make! We show you how to sign up will all major retailers, publish your book, and you will get all the money. Or: we publish it for you under your name. Still, in both cases, whatever sales your book generate they belong to you. We don’t take any percentage. Zilch, zero, nada, nichevo.

Naturally, we offer you our carefully developed Ebook template – for use with Sigil – and instructions how to work with it. A proofreader and editor is at hand to make sure the writing is well-formed (you will pay the standard editing fees directly to the editor). And we design the book cover together so it fits both the book and the design pattern of all our books.

OK, so what’s the catch?

Yes, there is one: You are expected to take part in all publicizing and marketing efforts for our books, that means tweet about them, write reviews. In other words: it’s about spreading the word. As a group of writers we’re stronger than being on our own.

Should you contact us?

Got a book idea? Love open-source stuff like WordPress or something related to web or online tech? By all means, get in touch with us via the contact form below. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!


Latest Book has been uploaded to Amazon

Currently our second book “User Generated Content – Image Sharing Hub With WordPress” is awaiting approval on Amazon. More details will follow.

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