Free Multilingual E-commerce with WordPress, WooCommerce & Polylang


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Current Version: 1.2 – February 2016


1.2 – February 2016 – Certain WordPress terminology (e.g. WordPress Administration Screens) corrected.
1.1 – February 2016 – Screenshots updated to Polylang 1.8, texts amended, also for WooCommerce 2.5.x
1.0 – January 2016 – Initial Book Release

All code for this book is available for free download:

Do you want to set up an E-commerce site with WooCommerce and WordPress in multiple languages without getting migraines? Well, look no further! This book will show you the complete process step by step, with nothing but freely available open source WordPress plugins.

About This Book

  • A step-by-step guide on how to set up a multilingual online store with WooCommerce, the most popular E-commerce solution for WordPress, and the free WordPress plugin Polylang.
  • With open source code that you can apply directly to your WordPress website. The code snippets are also available for download from a supporting website.
  • With a comprehensive index
  • The author is open for feedback, so you can make this book better by contributing to it!

Who Is This Book For?

You already know the basics of WooCommerce (and, naturally, WordPress), and now you want to create a multilingual store, thus you wonder how to achieve that with free WordPress plugins. You’re not looking for any dry theory or a WooCommerce general beginner’s guide, but a practical step-by-step guide.

What Will You Learn?

  • Create a Child Theme and the theme functions.php file, so you can add all the code needed to make multilingual work.
  • A quick look at how to install WooCommerce and create a product that’s ready for translation.
  • Install and configure Polylang, a free WordPress that turns your WordPress site and your WooCommerce store multilingual.
  • Fix all multilingual issues by adding custom code to your theme’s functions.php file.
  • How to edit WooCommerce language files directly.

Table of Contents

Free Multilingual E-commerce With WordPress, WooCommerce & Polylang
A Note on Updates
Found an Error? Missing a Topic?
Do You Need Support?
Multilingual WordPress, E-commerce & WPML
Why this book? What’s it about?
Who is it for?
How to use this book?
The contents – a quick overview
What You Need to Know & Tools You Need
Important Note
Multilingual WooCommerce with Polylang – How Complete?
The Multilingual Features Table
Setting Up a Multilingual Store – Possible Workflow
WooCommerce language files
Theme (parent and child) language files
Code snippet for correct WooCommerce Pages routing
Further Strings translation using wpml-config.xml
Chapter One – Creating a WordPress Child Theme
Installing WordPress
WordPress – Creating a Child Theme based on “TwentyFifteen”
Chapter Two – Installing WooCommerce
Chapter Three – Configuring WooCommerce
WooCommerce Permalinks – Product category and tag base – Important!
WooCommerce Permalinks – Product permalink base
Installing WordPress languages
Installing WooCommerce languages
Chapter Four – Installing Polylang
Chapter Five – Configuring Polylang
Chapter Six – Multilingual WooCommerce Products, Categories, Tags and Custom Fields
Product Categories
Product Tags and Custom Fields
Chapter Seven – Multilingual Product Image & Gallery
Chapter Eight – Multilingual WooCommerce Pages
Shop, Cart, Checkout, My Account, Order Tracking and Terms & Conditions
Order Tracking
Terms and Conditions
Chapter Nine – Set Up Multilingual WordPress Menus
Chapter Ten – Multilingual WooCommerce Pages Routing
Option One: Page Routing with default Shop Page slug from Permalinks Shop Base
Step One – Adding a code snippet to functions.php
Step Two – Multilingual Shop URLs in Menu
Option Two: Page Routing with Shop Page containing the page slug
Chapter Eleven – Cart Page – Return to Shop & Continue Shopping Redirect
Help! Redirect is not working – missing apply_filters()
Chapter Twelve – Product Attributes
Creating Product Attributes
Registering Taxonomy Product Attributes with Polylang
Translating Product Attributes – Polylang Strings Translation
Creating and Translating Attribute Terms
Setting Attributes for Variable Products
Setting Variations
Chapter Thirteen – Multilingual WooCommerce Widget Titles
Chapter Fourteen – Shipping Classes
Chapter Fifteen – Introduction to Strings Translation – With wpml-config.xml
Flat Rate Label – Translate Method Title with wpml-config.xml
Chapter Sixteen – String Translation WooCommerce Shipping Options – wpml-config.xml
Activating All Shipping Options
Flat Rate Method Title – Translating Using Steps from Chapter Fifteen
Retrieve All Shipping Label Strings – wpml-config.xml
Remove “Free” from Shipping Method Labels
Chapter Seventeen – String Translation WooCommerce Checkout Options – wpml-config.xml
Activating All Checkout Options
Chapter Eighteen – String Translation WooCommerce Emails Options – wpml-config.xml
Email Options Main Page
Individual Emails
Chapter Nineteen – More WooCommerce String Translation – wpml-config.xml
WooCommerce Currency Options
WooCommerce Price Display Suffix (VAT/GST)
Chapter Twenty – WooCommerce Helper Plugins String Translation – wpml-config.xml
Stripe for WooCommerce – a credit card payment gateway
WooCommerce Pay for Payment – options added to payment gateways
Chapter Twenty-One – Multilingual Shop Page <title> tag
Chapter Twenty-Two – “Add to Cart” Label
Possible Translation Issue with “Add to Cart” Label
“Add to Cart” Label – Alternative to Theme language file: Use the get_text filter
Chapter Twenty-Three – Troubleshooting AJAX Issues – Cart & Checkout Page
Chapter Twenty-Four – Cart Validation – Avoiding Multilingual Product Duplication
Chapter Twenty-Five – Editing WooCommerce Language Files – Working with Loco Translate
Chapter Twenty-Six – Tips for Hard-to-reach Strings – Nested Options Arrays & pll_register_string
Strings from nested options arrays – wpml-config.xml
Polylang Functions – pll_register_string / pll__
Useful Links & Info
WooCommerce and Polylang
Polylang Functions Used
WooCommerce and WPML
WooCommerce Filters & Functions Used
WordPress Functions and Filters Used
WooCommerce Checkout Options – Chapter Seventeen
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